What is the meaning of team clothing?

The so-called team refers to a group of people who are mutually beneficial, united to unify goals and standards, and work hard to the end. The team not only emphasizes personal business results, but also emphasizes the overall performance of the team. The team is based on collective debate, research and decision-making, information sharing and standard enhancement, with special emphasis on the fruits of victory through the hard work of the team members, which are as much as the sum of individual performance.

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What is the meaning of team clothing?

   The ancients said: People are united, Taishan shifts. The core of the team is to contribute together. This kind of shared dedication must be a goal that every team member needs to be convinced of. To be feasible and challenging goals, can arouse the team’s work motivation and dedication, and flow through the vitality of the company.

   The essence of the team is mutual promise. A common promise is to share the responsibilities of the team together. Without this promise, the team is like a mess. With this promise, the team will work together and become a powerful group. Many people often confuse team and work group, but there is no essential difference between the two. An outstanding work group, like a team, has the characteristics of sharing information, views and innovations together, making joint decisions to assist each member to work better, and at the same time enhancing personal work standards. However, the work group mainly decomposes the work goals into individuals, which in essence focuses on personal goals and responsibilities. The work group goals are just a very simple sum of personal goals. The members of the work group will be responsible for the management of results that far exceed the scope of their own obligations. It will also try the electronic money effect brought by multiple members working together. In addition, the work group is often linked to the organizational structure, and the team can break through the allowable structure of the enterprise hierarchy.

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What is the meaning of team clothing?

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